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My goal is to help women to live their best lives on their own terms exceeding their wildest dreams. I provide them with the business tools, natural solutions, and mindset support they need to rise up. My proven expertise is supporting  health coaches on integrating Essential Oils into their services and on building their businesses with ease and  grace. Hear from the amazing health coaches below that are in my dōTERRA team and that I partner with. Let’s connect soon to plan your rise to greatness!

The global Essential Oil market will reach 27.49 billion (yep, billion!) by 2022. Now is your time to be a part of this incredible growth.

Laura Agar Wilson, Blogger, Mentor and Health Coach

Integrating doTERRA oils into my coaching business and personal life has helped me improve my own self care as well as that of my clients. I love using the oils as a natural solution to reducing stress and anxiety.”

Barbara Ganseman, Health Coach

“I love to incorporate a natural lifestyle. I advise my clients to do the same. The trend right now is that most people move towards a more natural way of living, in many aspects of their lives. The oils perfectly fit into a natural life style’.

Bonnie Domenghino, Health Coach

“Essential oils have really brought benefits to my family, they support our healthy active lifestyles. I am thankful that I have them in my life and I love sharing them with others”.

Zuleima Mamie, Health Coach

“Essential Oils have made a big impact in my life. I adore how they make me feel and the health benefits I experience. I love learning more about the oils and introducing them to my loved ones.”

Gillian Kennedy, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher

“Integrating doTERRA oils into my wellness coaching business was a no-brainer. I started using them myself and already being a massive advocate for natural therapies + herbal medicine, it seemed very natural to not only use these oils to enhance my life but that of all of my clients. I love seeing the benefits they get from them and really hope that I can share them with many more!”

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Want to boost your health coaching business?

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Want to boost your health coaching business?

Fill in your details to get your FREE ebook on coaching and oils