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Hello my lovely! My name is Fiona and I am a dōTERRA Wellness advocate

I am a Qualified Aromatherapist, Acupuncturist and a Living Foods Coach. Yes you guessed I am a big lover of holistic natural healing!

I love sharing the beauty of essential oils with the world and devising new oil blend recipes. Essential oils can support healing and wholeness; they are amazing tools for self love and radiant living. And that starts with getting your hands on your oils.

  • I believe that plants heal and are mother nature’s miracle workers; which is why I love essential oils so much.
  • I believe that we can create the lives we dream of and I’m a huge fan of the law of attraction, energy, vibration, and frequency. Thoughts are powerful manifestors!
  • I love running, nourishing myself with plant based food, kundalini yoga and living a full and mindful life
  • I empower and support wonderful women to build authentic businesses sharing the dōTERRA lifestyle with ease and grace!
  • I am very successful in coaching women to huge success with my proven strategies and I would love to serve you.
I am passionate about sharing the oils and supporting inspiring women to use natural solutions and to build amazing businesses!